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I have been looking at the best deals on vacation packages and holiday deals in 2018.

Here are the top 10 deals for the month of May, in no particular order.

I will list each of the items as they appear on the site, and offer to give the seller an exchange rate if it’s more favorable to you than the current rate.

If you would like to use an alternative service to compare prices and see how things stack up, you can do so at the top of the page.


Hollywood, CA vacation package deals: $6,800 for a one-way trip, including accommodations, meals, and entertainment.

This is a great package for those who are planning to visit LA, or those looking to take advantage of the holiday season.


Tulane University travel package deals for students: $2,000 for a stay at the Tulane University Residence Halls, plus $500 for transportation and meals.

This package has some good value, especially if you live in a major metropolitan area and plan to visit several cities during the summer months.


Auburn University vacation package deal: $5,000 vacation package for two adults.

The package includes accommodations, food, and meals for two for two guests.


Columbia University travel packages: $7,800 package for a two-night stay in Columbia’s Residence Hall.

The deal includes two nights in Columbia.


University of Michigan Travel package deal for students and faculty: $3,000 in one-day, three-night hotel stays for up to four.

The offer includes a $5 hotel deposit plus breakfast.


UCLA Vacation Package deals for faculty and staff: $4,000 hotel reservation package for up of four, including dinner and drinks for up the four.


The University of Tennessee Travel package deals are also good.

The university offers the same package as Columbia, and the two students receive free flights to and from the University of Virginia and Nashville.


Penn State Vacation package deal is for the students.

The $2.5 million package includes a free night in one of the Penn State dorms, and a $2 hotel deposit.


USF vacation package is for students who have a home and want to stay at their school.

The students receive an $8,000 reservation package, plus breakfast, dinner, and drinks.


Vanderbilt Vacation packages is for faculty.

The tuition package includes three nights in the school dorms and is $8 a night.

How to compare price on vacation deals:If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] or on Twitter at @gordonmarksports.