Bringas Clinics

Owner: Paul Fagan, an Alabama man who owns and operates a family of nine, has spent the past 12 years renovating his vacation rental home, the Rooftop Villa in Georgia.

Fagan’s wife and children have all moved out and are now living at home, but he and his family still visit the property regularly.

“This is our last winter vacation here, and we’ve done a lot of work,” he told me.

“We have done the work, we’re the ones who pay the rent.

We’ve done all the landscaping, we’ve worked on the roof, we have our own fireplaces, we got our own pool, and a full kitchen.

The pool, which was supposed to be closed for a few weeks, has now been open for five days.”

Fagan told me that the Villa’s owner had recently lost his job and was looking for new employment, and he wanted to find someone who could work on his property to help keep it afloat.

“I said, ‘I’d love to help you out,’ and we got together and asked around.

We found somebody who wanted to come over and help out.”

Fagans wife is a certified nurse assistant, and Fagan says he and the owner have been very supportive of her, even going so far as to invite her to come down for the first time in years to help fix the pool and other infrastructure problems.

The Villa is now ready for the next generation of owners to take over, with Fagan and his wife expecting to lease it out again this summer.

“It’s been a long road,” he said.

“Some of the best work we’ve ever done in our life.”