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Hawaii is on high alert after hackers attacked several vacation rentals sites with ransomware and the malware could infect machines with a malicious strain of ransomware known as Krasnostok.

The attack, which was first reported on Friday, affected several sites including Googo, a Hawaiian vacation rentals site, according to a statement from Googo.

Googo said the site was able to reboot its servers but the attacks were still ongoing, which caused the site to take down the entire backend of its hosting platform.

The company said the attack was not malicious.

The company said that the attackers used the same ransomware known by the name Krasnowostok to attack the Googo sites.

It is unclear how the attackers obtained the files or how they were obtained.

The Googo attack follows several other ransomware attacks on vacation rental sites across the country.

In August, a similar attack on the Googie rental site left customers in the dark for several days, and on Monday, a Russian cybercriminal allegedly tried to hack into several vacation rental companies.

The Hawaii cyberattack occurred just days after a ransom note was found in the computer of a woman who lives in Hawaii.

The note demanded that the victim pay the ransom in bitcoin, and a ransom of $1,000 was also attached.