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Big Bear, the largest resort in California, was the first resort to open for business at this season’s California Golden Week, which ends on May 1.

The Big Bear resort has had a long and troubled history in California.

It opened in 1924 and was a part of the San Francisco Bay area until 1971, when it moved to the San Luis Obispo River Delta.

It was closed for more than three decades until 2002, when the resort finally reopened.

Since then, the resort has undergone major renovations, and today, the Big Bear has more than 3,000 rooms and suites, a full-service restaurant and bar, two restaurants, a movie theater and a resort casino.

It also has a restaurant and bars for a $2,200 dinner reservation.

In 2015, a plan was presented to build a $30 million resort at the site of the former California Pacific Railroad (CPR) site, located near Big Bear Lake, which is located in the San Gabriel Valley.

The plan was eventually abandoned, and the site is now owned by the state of California.

The new plan calls for a 2.5-mile-long waterfront park, an 800-room hotel and a 300-room resort.

The resort’s entrance and exit points will be located in a two-acre lot at the base of the lake, and visitors will be able to hike or ride the waterwheel.

It will also have four new trails: a riverwalk, a hike-and-bike trail, a mountain bike trail, and a boat ramp.

The resort will also be home to the Big Dog Zoo, a three-acre dog park, a large outdoor theater and amphitheater, and two large petting zoos.

The site of Big Bear is a key piece of the state’s tourism strategy, which has drawn some criticism from some environmentalists.

The plan to redevelop the site also includes a 1.5 mile-long bike path, a 1,600-foot-long skatepark, a 200-foot floating bridge, a 7.5 acre nature trail, the Pacific Coast Highway, a trail system for hiking, biking, horseback riding, mountain biking and water boarding, and an area for boating.

A park will also open at the Lake Mead reservoir, with a 1-mile paved trail from the lake to the reservoir and back.

It is planned to feature a 50-foot tall water slide, water slides, water skiing, kayaks, paddleboarding, fishing, and birdwatching.

Other plans include: A 10-mile skatepark with a 3.5 acres of water slides and a 50 foot floating bridge along the lake.

A 300-acre nature trail that will connect the Lake Powell Trail with a trail that runs through the Lake Tahoe area and connects to the Lake San Miguel Trail.

It includes a waterfall, a pond, a rock pool, a sandstone canyon and a river.

A 150-acre beachfront picnic area with a 20-foot wave pool, water slide and a sand beach.