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Polygon has just revealed that we’ve got a cast of actors to thank for bringing the new LAMPOON series to life.

The cast includes Michael Rapaport (Orange is the New Black), Katee Sackhoff (Orange Is the New Blood), John Lithgow (The Good Wife), James Corden (The Mindy Project), and John Stamos (American Idol).

The new Lampoon is set to premiere on Netflix on January 30, 2017.

The new Netflix show, which stars John Stamkos, is about a small town’s new love interest and his efforts to build a new family.

The story takes place in the late 1980s and the town of Largo is trying to come to terms with the loss of its patriarch, who had recently died.

Stamos plays the new love-interest, and his character, Kevin, is in charge of the new family, but he struggles with the complexities of familial love.

Kevin is also struggling with his own mortality.

In addition to Stamos, who also voices Kevin in the show, is a host of the show and will be seen as a family member.

The show’s cast includes the likes of Lena Dunham, Sarah Shahi, David Hyde Pierce, and John Krasinski, and they’ll be joined by the cast of Orange Is the World.

The LAMPOS cast also includes the return of original cast member Jessica Lipsky as Kevin’s wife, who is also in charge.

The two have a son, Will, who plays with Will in the new show.

The series also features the return to original series creator Brian K. Vaughan, who will write and executive produce the show.

Vaughn previously directed the upcoming series, The Defenders.

Stamina is set for a January 30th release date.