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With the cost of housing and other living expenses expected to rise further, travelers are looking for more of the same in 2018.

Some travelers are planning to spend more time on vacation than others, but in 2018, many travelers will still want to consider all of the perks that come with the experience.

The top five travel perks that will keep you away from the crowd in 2018:Traveling aloneCostco will offer its members discounts on all its vacation packages for the 2018 holiday season.

The company will be offering a 20 percent off sale of a wide range of vacation packages.

Costco Vacation Vacations, which includes hotels, motels and vacation rentals, will also be offering up to 20 percent discount on some packages, including flights and car rentals.

Traveling with familyTravelers can now choose to book a group trip, which allows up to five family members to enjoy the same luxury packages, from hotels, hotels, condos and vacation rental properties.

All-inclusive vacation packages are now offered for the 2017 holiday season, as well, but the company will also offer discounts for couples, single travelers and groups.

Condo tours and other amenitiesThe cost of a hotel room is now available for free with Costco vacation packages as well as a discount of up to 50 percent on condo rentals.

The discount is also available for groups of three, as long as each individual participant in the group has a separate reservation.