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Disney Vacation, Inc. is proud to announce that they have announced the first-ever, full-length film from their film studio and the first ever feature-length Disney movie, The Disney Vacations of Marriottes Beach.

Marriott’s Beach is a brand new and immersive Disney movie that takes you on a trip to Marriotte, Florida, a stunning beachfront town of more than 200,000 people that has the unique distinction of being one of the last remaining undeveloped places on the Caribbean Sea.

As the story unfolds you’ll learn about the history of Marriots Beach and its residents, the local businesses and residents, and the culture that lives in the community.

The film will be available exclusively through Disney’s YouTube channel and Disney Movies Anywhere on the Disney app, which allows subscribers to watch on any device.

You can also get the film on iTunes for $3.99.

The new film is based on the bestselling book, Disney’s Marriottt’s Beach: A True Story of a Town of 2,000 Residents, by author and Marriotton resident, Michael Harkness, who was granted a rare, one-time opportunity to shoot the first feature-film version of Marriott’s Beach by Disney’s longtime archivist and co-founder, Michael S. Disney.

This special collaboration allows Marriotted Beach residents to share the story of their beloved town and its unique history in a new way, with Disney, which owns the rights to the movie rights, creating a unique opportunity for the filmmakers to tell their story with the full force of the Disney Studios brand and world-class production design team.

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