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Some government agencies are not allowed to make official trips.

However, the government offers its employees special perks, including special passports and discounts on airfare, hotel stays and even vacations.

These are usually paid for by the taxpayer.

The government also offers discounts for employees to go to the White House, to the Capitol and to other important events.

But the government does not have to make any such travel arrangements, and they do not require the approval of the President or the Vice President.

The official travel of government employees is not subject to any restrictions.

For example, some members of Congress travel to Washington each year, even though they are not entitled to such privileges.

They are supposed to travel on official government aircraft.

Some members of the House of Representatives have been able to get government work done by making trips to the nation’s capital, but they do it on a limited basis, according to the website.

They travel to Capitol Hill, the White the White house, and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

Some members of both houses also attend other official events.

However no trips are authorized to the National Mall, where most federal buildings are located.