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Vax vacations has become a destination for travelers, with visitors fleeing the city and driving across the country.

But a new video shows how it became a place where people are becoming increasingly dangerous.

It’s called ‘A Journey Home.’

It features a young woman with a heart condition who drives to the city of Boulder for a trip to the Rockies.

But she becomes an unwitting target as the video shows the young woman being shot by a police officer who’s trying to stop her.

It ends with the young man who shot her being arrested.

This week, the Colorado Department of Public Safety announced a major change in the state’s law on the use of force.

That law says that people can be shot at any time and the officer cannot shoot at a person who is walking or driving.

So, for the past week, we’ve had a conversation about the new law and how to enforce it,” said state Sen. Mike Hughes, R-Vista.”

If you’re in the middle of the Rockies and you’re driving through town and someone sees you and they say, ‘You got to pull over,’ the officer can’t say, `You got a license plate.’

They can only say, I’m going to shoot you.’

So, we have a new policy.

“The law change came about after a Colorado Springs man was shot and killed by a local police officer.

Police said the man pulled a gun on a deputy as he tried to stop a woman from leaving a house in a neighborhood known for drug use.

The deputy then shot the man, and the other deputy followed.

In response, Hughes introduced legislation that would make the use-of-force policy a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

The new law would also make it a misdemeanor to shoot a person in the face.

The bill passed the state Senate and the House last week, with both chambers holding hearings on the bill.

Hughes says his bill will help curb the city’s dangerous culture by making it a crime to shoot someone who’s walking or a pedestrian.”

So it’s easier for the citizenry to get the message that the law is a law.””

So, it’s much easier for them to just walk away.

So it’s easier for the citizenry to get the message that the law is a law.”

The Colorado Springs Police Department has said it’s reviewing the new legislation.