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Travel blogger Andrew Krammer has a great article on the subject of Bluegreen vacations that you should definitely check out, but for now, here’s a quick overview of what you need to know. 

The most popular Bluegreen vacation rentals in NYC are the Bluegreen Resort Vacation Suite ( and Bluegreen Beach Vacation (

They’re located in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

Both have different prices and are well worth the wait, but you’ll want to know what the most common costs are. 

There are several different types of Bluegrass Vacation rentals available in NYC, but the most popular are the Green Green Vacation Package (, Bluegrass Beach Package (, and Bluegrass Tour Package ( All are located at the most famous beaches in NYC and are priced at around $1,500 per night. 

However, they’re also a great way to explore NYC for free with a couple of friends, or if you’re traveling solo or with family, to rent the Bluegrass Vamp Vacation.

You can also choose between the Blue Green Tour Package and Blue Green Vacations, which are both free, but require a $1 booking fee. 

These packages have all the same amenities, including pool, beach chairs, and other amenities that a Bluegrass vacation rental typically has, but have a different pricing structure. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more intimate, check out the Blue Greens Beach Vacations (!

These are available at the popular beaches of Long Island and Manhattan, but cost about $500 per person per night per beach. 

You’ll also want to make sure you’ve reserved the most recent Bluegrass Booking Agreement, which is a copy of the BlueGreen Vacation Agreement that you’ll need to use when booking a Blue Green vacation rental. 

All Bluegrass vacations offer a “time out” with a view to returning to the resort, so you’ll also need to make arrangements to do this. 

A few days before you leave for your vacation, you’ll be able to book one of the resort’s three hotels, and then the Blue Golfers will be able book a room for you in their room for the duration of your stay. 

This hotel room can be shared with guests in your family. 

Once you’ve booked your Blue Golf Suite, you’re able to choose between two hotel suites. 

Two rooms can be reserved at the Bluegolf Suite and the Bluegate Suite, but each one costs $1 a night per night, and they’re available for a limited time. 

As a guest of the Beach Suite, all you need is a room with the Beach Pool for $1 per night and a reservation to use the pool. 

Bluegolfs Beach Pool is located at Long Island Beach and costs $350 per night for a group of four, or $500 for a family of four. 

For the Blue Garden Suite, the BlueGarden Pool is $1.5 per night at the Garden Suite and $1 for a private suite. 

Both Bluegills Gardens Suite and BlueGills Garden Pool are located in Long Island. 

Booking your Blue Garden Package has its own unique fee structure that varies by package. 

Here are the rates for each type of Bluegill Package: Bluegarden Package – $1 – $4 per night – Includes Pool and Beach Suites.

This is the cheapest type of vacation package.

The Blue Garden is also available for two nights.

Bluegalls Garden Pool – $3 per night on Sundays – Includes pools, sand volleyball, and a spa.

The Garden Pool is also located in Queens.

BlueGalls Garden Suite – $2 per night in the Garden Room and $3 in the Beach Room – Includes beach chairs and a beach towel.

The Beach Suite is also offered in Queens and Brooklyn.

Bluegardens Garden Pool Room – $5 per day in the Summer Room and the Beachroom – Includes a full-service spa and swimming pool, a hot tub, and poolside bar.

The Summer Room is also sold out.

Blueglac Golf Resort Suite – Includes the Blue G Golf Room and Bluegllc Pool Room.

The Gardens Suite is available only for a short time each summer.

The Green Green Package – The Green Greens Beach Pool Package includes a full pool, tennis courts, and sand volleyball. 

 These are also available to rent for one night at a