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A new book that can help you plan your grand canyon trip may have you thinking about where you’re going, what you’re spending your time and money, and even how you’ll spend it.

Grand Canyon Vacation Plans is a six-volume guide that includes the following elements:* A schedule of events you’re interested in participating in* An idea for your vacation* A summary of your spending plans, including expenses* A guide to your accommodations* The number of people you’re planning on having* How much time you’ll have available to plan your trip.

The book also includes a checklist for planning a family vacation in the Grand Canyon.

It includes recommendations on when and where to take your family, as well as a few ideas for where to stay and how to pack your cabin.

You can get a copy of Grand Canyon VacatePlanner at a discounted price by visiting bookstores and by contacting the publisher, The American Conservatory.

Grand Canyon Adventures, which launched in February, has already sold more than 3,000 copies.

The company says it is working to print more.