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A vacation rental company in Florida has decided to close its doors.

According to a notice on its website, the company has been “shifted to a new and different model” and “will no longer accept reservations” for holiday rentals.

The company was formerly called Destination Vacation Rentals.

Its Facebook page has since been taken down.

Its new owners include a group called Holiday Rentals and has no location listed on the company’s website.

Its website lists its Florida address.

The website lists “a limited number of vacation rental homes” available in the area.

The listing includes the following information:You can find a more complete listing of vacation rentals here.

A spokesperson for Destination Vacations confirmed that the company had closed, but said that they had been working with its management team to find a new home for its business.

She added that the rental website was down due to “a lack of traffic.”

“We have a very tight network and we are working to get it back up and running again as soon as possible,” the spokesperson said.

A rental website called said that the vacation rental site has been up since April, and that its owners had been “working with their management team and others” to “find a new owner.”

But the website says that they have “no information regarding the company currently.”

In a separate statement, Destination Vacantays Facebook page said:We are thrilled to announce that we have been sold to a local group.

We are going through a new model, and will no longer take reservations for our holiday rentals, but we will continue to offer the same great services to the communities in Florida.

We will not be offering any special discounts or special offers, but will still be able to provide a great vacation rental experience.

If you’re interested in a holiday rental, visit VacationRentals.COM for more information.