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Here’s what you need to know about holiday rental quotes.


Are you going to get a holiday rental?

If you’re booking a holiday accommodation rental, it’s important to remember that they’re not guaranteed to be up to scratch.

If you’ve booked a holiday holiday accommodation reservation, you’re unlikely to be able to rent one at Christmas.


Are holiday accommodation rentals available on a daily basis?

If a holiday resort does not offer holiday accommodation, you can often get a quote for a short period of time.

Some hotels and motels do offer holiday holiday rental, but this is more of a priority for holiday travellers.


Are there any holidays that don’t have holiday accommodation?

There are many other options for holiday accommodation in Northern Ireland.

Some of these include: a holiday cottage, holiday caravan, holiday village, holiday park, holiday island, holiday camp, holiday home, holiday museum, holiday resort, holiday villa, holiday cottage holiday, holiday community, holiday golf resort, and holiday holiday resort.


Are they the same holiday as the one you’re going to?

There is no fixed holiday rental in Northern England and Wales, so it’s a good idea to check whether your holiday accommodation is the same as the holiday accommodation that’s being booked.

If not, there will likely be a discount to be paid to your credit card provider.


How much does it cost?

Holiday accommodation rentals are normally booked at a fixed price.

This usually includes: the cost of meals and refreshments, and other incidental expenses