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You’ve been thinking about getting your Disney World vacation package sorted out for awhile.

How can you know if you’re getting the right deal?

How can Disney World keep its guests happy?

Or maybe you want to try out a different resort and maybe you just want to have fun?

We’ve got the answers to all those questions and more in our weekly article on the best vacation packages, discounts, and deals at DisneyWorld.

Let’s get started.

How to check if your Disney vacation package is on saleDisneyWorld has an “offer code” that you can enter to get a discount on any Disney vacation packages that have been sold.

That code is:DW150D.

The coupon is valid for up to two weeks.

For example, if your Walt Disney World resort is on Disney’s list of “Disney World Vacation Package Deals” and you’ve entered the code:DW130D, you can save 20% off your Disney Resort Package by entering the code and visiting DisneyWorldDowntown.

Disney has partnered with the Walt Disney Company to create the “Best of Disney” loyalty program.

When you visit Walt DisneyWorld in Downtown Disney, you’ll receive a personalized coupon that will be delivered to your hotel and sent to your email.

When your hotel is closed, the coupon will be returned to you.

You can redeem the coupon once for the value of $10 or more for any Walt Disney® Resort Package.

You’ll also receive a gift card.

If you haven’t received your coupon in the mail, you may need to call Walt Disney Customer Service at 407-WDW-PLAY to request a gift code.

How long to stay at Disney resortA Disney resort stays at Disney for three to six weeks depending on its location, the season, and what you do on the Disney property.

The Walt Disney resort at Disney Springs stays at least six months.

The Magic Kingdom stays at five to seven months.

Disneyland stays at six to seven weeks.

The Hollywood Studios stays at seven to eight weeks.

Your Disney resort will not leave the resort at night or during the summer months.

How much you can spendDisney resorts are open-air parks that have indoor, outdoor, and boat rides, restaurants, and shops.

You may spend up to $100 on any resort or package in a calendar year.

A resort stays open until the end of the following calendar year at the time it opens.

In addition, you have the option of dining and shopping in a resort at a discount, up to a certain amount, and up to six months after your stay at the resort ends.

If a resort has a pre-booked stay, you will receive a receipt to show that your stay was at a discounted rate.

If you don’t like to shop, Disney resorts may offer a discount to guests who purchase a Disney vacation, but only if the resort is closed.

That means the discounted rates only apply to the first time the resort opens for the first business day after your reservation, not to the date you bought the resort package.

If the resort closes, you must purchase a new resort package or cancel your reservation.

If your resort is sold out and you don,t need a new package, you don.t need to pay for a new one.

Theres no charge to purchase a vacation package.

You are responsible for paying all applicable taxes and fees.

You will also be required to register your resort with the resort and will need to show a valid proof of address at the entrance of the resort.

How often you can stay at a Disney resortDisney resorts usually last for four to six days.

However, theres no official limit on the number of days a Disney Resort can be open to guests.

A new resort can open every day or less frequently.

The average length of a stay at Disneyland Resort is two weeks, depending on location, time of year, and when you book a Disney package.

The average length a stay in Epcot at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one week, depending for the year on location and when the park opens.

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