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Renting a condo or home is now cheap enough for most couples to do in just a few days.

So, what do you do if you want to spend a few weeks away from home?

Here are five tips to make the process a breeze.


Check out what else is available in your area.

In some areas, you can rent a home for as little as $80 a night.

Other options are up to $100, depending on the size of the property and the type of home.


Take advantage of your vacation home rental pool.

Many vacation home rentals allow you to pay an extra $100 to rent one of their homes for up to a week.

Some rental pools even offer two weeks of rental at a reduced rate.


Consider a home improvement company to save money.

Many homeowners are using contractors to do work on their homes, and the rental companies charge them a commission for each home they do work.

Some homeowners even use the contractors for free, to save on their property taxes.


If you are already a renter, find a condo with lots of space.

Many people who rent a vacation home use it for a short period of time to prepare for their vacation.

If the property is small, you may not need to use the space for a long time.

But if it is big, you should consider renting a bigger home.


Take your time.

If your options aren’t appealing, or if you are concerned about having a job during the summer, you might want to consider a longer vacation.

You might even be able to rent your home for more than a year.