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A couple from Texas could soon be able to rent seabrees in Florida.

The state’s Department of Agriculture says the agency will begin processing applications from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The Department of Agricultural Services says they have already received the applications.

“It’s not a real problem,” said Dan Loeffler, director of the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources.

“The state of Florida is already doing a very good job with seabores.”

Loeffer says the state is only able to harvest about 1,500 seabirds a year, so the seabriens are a huge asset.

“They are very important in the ecosystem,” he said.

Loefner says the process is expected to take several months.

He says he will start accepting the applications on Oct. 1.

The department says the seagulls are an important part of the ecosystem and provide valuable food for birds and other wildlife.

They are also a valuable source of food and nesting sites.

Lueffler says the department has received hundreds of applications.

He said the department is also working to determine the best sites for breeding.

Loeffner says in order to be eligible for the new permit, applicants must have a seagrass permit and be willing to pay for the fees.

If approved, the seabeasts would be available in November, December, and January.