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India’s cruise ship fleet is expected to grow from 8 to 20 vessels by 2021-22.

The Indian Maritime Administration has announced the fleet will grow from 10 to 30 vessels by the end of the decade.

The fleet is to have around 40,000 people onboard by 2021.

The Maritime Administration, which is tasked with ensuring the safety and security of Indian ships, said the increase in number of vessels will enable the Indian navy to operate at a greater scale.

The Maritime Administration said the number of ships in the fleet would increase from the current fleet of around 10,000 to 15,000, which would allow the navy to carry out its maritime task.

It added that the navy would be able to operate in more locations, including coastal areas and islands, as well as on islands and coastal areas.

The fleet will be equipped with the new Arjun-class submarine, the first of which will be built in 2020.

The navy has already ordered 12 of the Arjun and two of the Kumbh Mela-class submarines, which will replace the ageing Kumbakon and Arjun class submarines.

The Arjun submarine will be capable of carrying a range of nuclear warheads.