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Poconoc Resort has an open house Thursday and the property is on the market for an undisclosed amount.

Poconoc officials announced that they are selling the 3rd and 1st class cabin suites and all the vacation rentals in the property, which includes a restaurant and bar.

Poconoco officials said they would pay $200,000 for the cabins and will pay a $150,000 tax for the entire property.

Pond-Bound has been reporting about the sale of a property in Pocono that is in the midst of a tax foreclosure, the sale is being done under the name of Paradise Island Resort.

Paradise Island is owned by Poconobers founder, Bill Ponsore, and is located on the Poconotean peninsula off the east coast of New Jersey.

It was listed for sale in April 2018 for $2.7 million.

The property is owned and operated by Paradise Island Property Management LLC, according to the state Division of Land and Natural Resources.

Paradise island has a property tax of $2,000 per $100,000 of assessed value, which means it’s a tax rate of just under 10 percent.

The state has set a deadline of December 10 for the property to be sold.