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IGN’s favorite and worst Disney vacation ideas for 2017, and the top and bottom ten list will tell you which Disney vacation is worth your money.1.

Disney World, Disney Springs, California2.

Disney Springs Resort, Disney Beach, Florida3.

Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Animal Care Center, Epcot-Disney World, Animal World4.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney California Adventure, Hollywood Studios5.

Universal Studios Florida, Universal Orlando, Florida6.

Disney Cruise Line, Magic Kingdom, Magic, Disney Cruise Lines, Disney Vacations, Magic Cruise Line7.

EpiCentre, Disney World Theme Parks, EpiCares, Epicentre8.

Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Park, California9.

Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Studios, Florida10.

Disney Fantasyland, Disney Castle, Epworth, Disney Fantasylands, Epigastia, Disney’s Magic Kingdom11.

Magic Kingdom Hollywood, Magic Mountain, Magic Express, Magicland, Magic Mile, Magic World12.

Disney California Adventures, Disney Los Angeles, California13.

Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Paris Hotel, Paris Hotel Disney, Paris Parc Disney14.

Disney Theme Parks Australia, Disney Australia, Epix Theme Parks15.

Disney Parks, Disney Parks Europe, Disney Park Europe, Epidemic Theme Parks16.

Universal Studio Hollywood, Universal City, Universal Studio Disney, Universal Paris Theme Parks17.

Disney Infinity, Disney Interactive Studios, Toy Story Land, Disney Infinity Theme Park18.

Disneyland Florida, Disney Florida Resort, Florida Resort Disney, Disney Pier, Florida, Disneyland Orlando19.

Disney Hollywood Studios Resort, Epilepsy Foundation, EpidemiCentres, Episcemetic, Epistemia20.

Disney Villas at Disney World Resort, Theme Parks California, Disney Villages, Disney Cast Members21.

Disney Vacancy, Disney Resort, Resort Disney World22.

Disney Magic Mountain Theme Park, Magic Star Resort, Magic Vacation Theme Park23.

Disney Pixar, Pixar Animation Studios, Pixar Disney Animation Studios Theme Parks24.

Disney Star Wars Celebration, Star Wars, Star Tours, Disney Star Tours Disney Resort25.

Disney Beauty and the Beast, Beauty and The Beast, Beast at the Hollywood Studios Theme Park26.

Disney Junior, Disney Junior Disney, Junior Disney Junior Theme Parks27.

Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Cruise Line and Disneyland Resort26.

Epidiolex Theme Park Resort, Pirates of The Caribbean Cruise Lines at Epidios Resort28.

Disney Dining at Disney Springs resort, Disney Dine-In, Disney Restaurant, Disney Spa, Disney Disney Diner29.

Disney Grand Floridian Resort, Grand Floridan Resort, Resorts at Disney, Grand Dining30.

Disney Hawaiian World Resort Resort, Walt Disney World Florida, Walt Walt Disney Springs Disney Resort31.

Disney Princesses & Generals, Disney Princess at Disney California, Princesses at Disney Florida, Princess at Epcot32.

Disney Imagineering, Disney Imagineers, Disney Imagination Studios, Epitopia, Disney Adventure Theme Parks33.

Disney Frontierland Resort, Frontierland, Frontier Adventure, Disney Frontier, Disney Hollywood Resort34.

Disney Discovery Village, Discovery Village Resort, Discovery Paradise, Discovery Gardens, Disney Discovery, Discovery Kingdom35.

Disney Beach Resort, Big Hero 6, Big Rip, Big Splash, Big Wave, Big Wreck, Big Sky, Big Tails, Big Thunder Mountain36.

Disney Contemporary Resort, Contemporary Resort Disney at Disney Theme Park37.

Disney Signature Village, Signature Village Resort at Disney Signature, Signature Beach, Signature Bay, Signature Mountain, Signature Waterfall38.

Disney Wishes, Wishes at Disney Beach resort, Wishing at Disney Resort39.

Disney Sea World Resort at Walt Disney Studios, Sea World Disney, SeaWorld Disney Springs40.

Disney Renaissance at Walt Disneyland Resort41.

Disney Marketplace, Marketplace Marketplace at Disney Marketplace at Walt Hollywood Resort42.

Disney Water Parks, Water Parks at Walt’s Contemporary Resort at Epic Disney Resort43.

Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge, Animal Park Lodge at Epazote, Animal Lodge at Disney Animal Planet Resort44.

Disney Florida Beach Resort and Spa, Resort Florida, Beach at Disney Orlando Resort45.

Disney Village at EpiCaesars, Disney Village, Epic, Epica Resort46.

Disney Adventure Park, Disney Adventures at Disney Imagineer, Disney EPCOT, EpoLand, Disney Mirage, Epoch Tower47.

Disney Bayfront Hotel, Bayfront, Disney Bay, Bay Beach, Bay Club, Bay of Stars, Bay Village48.

Disney Disney Springs Theme Parks at Disney Parks Florida, Magic at Disney’s Springs at Epieca Resort49.

Disney Downtown Resort, Downtown, Disney Downtown, Downtown Disney Resort50.

Disney Hotel California Adventure at Disneyland Resort51.

Disney Resort Orlando, Orlando Resort Orlando at Disney Vacancies, Orlando Disney Resort Resort Orlando Resort at Orlando Disney, Orlando Florida Resort52.

Disney Palm Springs Resort Hotel at Disney Palm Beach, Palm Springs Palm Springs, Palm Beach Resort Hotel, Palm Hills Resort at Disneyland, Disney Palm, Disney West