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The Washington Post — The Tahoe, home to Lake Tahoe National Park, is a hot spot for people to visit.

So is the popular resort of Lake Tahoes, where people can enjoy outdoor activities, such as surfing and skiing, in the summer.

But the state’s favorite summertime destination is the resort of the future.

The resort of tomorrow will be Lake Tahos newest resort, which has a planned opening in the spring.

That’s when the resort’s new hotel, the Tahoe Paradise, will open in 2019.

And it will be the first resort in the world with both a pool and spa in one hotel.

It’s called the Tahoes Paradise and will have an indoor swimming pool, pool lounge, spa and meeting space, according to the Tahoes website.

It will be a first for Lake Tahoos, which is only one resort away from being the largest city in the state.

The city of about 3.5 million has about 2,000 hotels and is known for having some of the largest resorts in the nation.

It is known as one of the most touristy places in the country, with many people traveling to the resort to enjoy its beachfront, scenic mountain views and stunning lakes.

The Paradise will have the tallest building in the city and be the tallest structure on the lakefront.

Its also a great place to go fishing.

There are over 3,000 fish species in Lake Tahosa, the website says.

Tahoe Paradise is located just south of Lake Huron in the Big Bend National Park in Lake Hurons northern suburbs.