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A man was forced to return to his hotel room after his wife fell ill with the flu in the hotel room.

In the early hours of Monday, an unidentified woman was hospitalized with pneumonia.

She was found dead in the lobby of the building.

Police said that the hotel owner and his wife had been staying in the room.

Police said that they were staying there for several days, but that it was the first time that they had been forced to stay in a room.

The couple’s three children were not in the apartment.

The woman’s body was found in the basement, which is located in the same building as the main lobby.

The police said that because the woman’s death is still under investigation, they would not release further information on the incident.

Police did not provide details on the circumstances surrounding the incident, including the man’s medical history.

Police say that the building has a high security level and that there were numerous security cameras on the property.

A total of six units were searched, and they found nothing.