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It’s been a busy couple of months in Texas and we can’t wait to see the new properties Collins is opening to tenants.

While we’re still waiting on confirmation, here are some things to know before heading out to visit the new apartments.

What to expect when you rent a Collins property from a Collis vacation rental property ownerYou’ll likely see a few changes at Collins.

They’ve already opened up the first two Collins locations in Austin and the second one is now open in Houston.

The first two will open at 8:00 a.m. and the third one will open between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m., according to Collins’ website.

The first two locations have rooms with views of the Houston skyline, while the second location has rooms with a view of the Texas Gulf Coast.

You can see what the two rooms look like from the balcony of the first Collins location.

The new locations are available in a variety of styles, including studio, one bedroom, two bedroom and one bathroom, according to the website.

Each of the new Collins properties are located in Collins Park, a city park about 40 miles southwest of downtown Houston.

The apartments are a mix of studio, two-bedroom and one-bedroom apartments.

The studios have two to four people on the first floor, while two to six people are in the other three rooms, according the Collins website.

Each room has two or three beds, but the studio has a full bed, while one of the rooms has a two-bed, one-bathroom unit.

The bathroom is the same as the one in the studio.

You can find a complete listing of the apartments at or by calling Collins at 972-871-2540.

What amenities to expect at the new collins locationsIf you’re looking for a place to stay while visiting Collins, there are a few things to look for when you’re visiting Collings vacation rentals.

Collins says the first-floor apartments are designed to accommodate up to four to six adults.

There will be one or two children in the rooms, but no more than three people, according Collins owner John Collins Jr. said.

The second-floor rooms are designed for two to three people.

There is a bed in each room and you can sleep up to six in a full-sized bed.

Each bed has a shower.

The bathrooms in the second and third floors are separate and are separate from the bedrooms.

If you want a place with private balconies, you’ll need to call the Collings property and request one.

The rental fee is $100 per night.

There are three balconies on the second floor of each apartment, and each balcony has a separate private shower.

Each balcony has two separate private bathrooms, Collins says.

The third-floor apartment will have one-bedrooms with two-to-three people.

The apartment has a bed, two to five bathrooms and one private shower, according for Collins and Collins park spokesperson Michael Riddle.

The amenities are the same, but it is not a hotel, according Riddle, and they do not have a pool.

The Collins parks website also lists the amenities as the same for all the new vacation rentals Collins opens: a full kitchen, two bedrooms with full bathrooms, two private bathrooms and a full gym.

The hotel amenities are more varied, according as Collins rents them, with a laundry facility, indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, private patio and fitness center, as well as a restaurant, bar, a grocery store and barber shop.

The Collins hotel is not listed as a hotel on the Collis website.

We’ll update this post with any updates on the properties when we hear more about them.