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On a sunny day, the lakefront of Michigan is full of people enjoying the day and the sun.

But if you’re looking for a little more shade, the state’s beaches are in good shape.

And it’s easy to find the beaches in the state you’re in, thanks to some of the best hiking and biking opportunities in the U.S. Here are the best places to visit when it’s sunny and the weather is perfect.

(CNN)Michigan’s beaches.

(Photo: Flickr/Hollis Farrar)Michigan beaches.

Michigan beaches.

Michigan beaches — It’s easy for visitors to forget that the beaches are located in the middle of a desert, but they’re still very beautiful.

With a large area of sand, sand-covered beaches and sandy shores, it’s one of the easiest places in the United States to enjoy a swim in the sun, but it’s also one of most crowded.

The state’s three state parks and two state parks can accommodate large crowds and crowds are expected. 

If you’re not sure which area of Michigan you should visit, check out the map below to see which areas have the most swimming spots.

(A list of the state parks with the most beaches is available at .)

You can also hike the scenic trails to get a feel for the state and its landscape.

A hike through the forest can be a great way to start hiking and take in the scenery.

Some of the trails offer beautiful views of the lake, which can be spectacular on a hot day. 

Other hiking trails in the area include the Blue Ridge Trail, the Big Bend Trail, and the Sandstone Trail.

The Blue Ridge and Big Bend trails have an easy, paved path that leads to the beach and the shore.

Sandstone trails are less well marked, and some of them can be rocky, so take your time to find a place where you can sit down and enjoy the view. 

 For a more challenging hike, take a short but steep hike along the shoreline and take a right onto the scenic, paved trail to a beach that offers an excellent view of the surrounding landscape. 

The Blue Ridge is a scenic hike with a few steep sections.

(Photos: Flickr, Blue Trail is a popular hike that runs through the middle and ends at the shore of Lake Superior.

(Trees and other plants along the trail make it a great place to take in a cool day and a view of Lake Michigan.

(Hollins Farrars.))

A little further on the trail, you’ll find the Sandrock Trail that begins on a paved trail and then follows the shore for a short distance.

This trail can be difficult to navigate, so keep your eyes peeled for signs and keep an eye out for the occasional trail sign.

The trail can also be challenging for kids.

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In addition to the sandstone trail, the SandRock Trail can be an excellent hiking trail for younger children.

(See: Hiking in the summertime with kids.)

Hiking in Lake Superior’s northern portion can be more challenging for younger kids.

It’s not recommended for older children. 

(Photo: John P. Hodge, USA TODAY)A beach in Lake Michigan can be the perfect place for a swim or a day on the water.

The beach can be crowded and has many large waves that can make for a great viewing spot.

(Womens boat trip on Lake Superior can be great fun for families with small children.

The lake is popular with families of all ages.

A few of the smaller boats can be rented for children up to age 4.

The boat trips are also a great chance to take a little stroll around the lake or have a picnic with friends and family.

The water is clear and safe for swimming and the lake is well maintained.

The water temperature is about 59 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can paddle on the shore or explore the beach by canoe.

There are several spots along the beach where you might want to stay in a tent, as the water temperature can drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

(There are also many spots where you may want to get some exercise, such as in the shade.)

The beach is a great location to visit for families that don’t want to spend a lot of money, especially for families in need. 

You can get a little extra water from the water by camping at the beach, but there are plenty of options for that. 

(Photo credit: R. DeSantis)You can take a walk around the beach during the day.

You can also explore the sand on the lake’s shoreline by paddling the canoe or hiking the SandStone Trail. 

It’s possible to swim on the beach or explore it at night, but you’ll likely want to go into the