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When you need a vacation package in Mexico, you can’t get one for less than $5 million.

According to a study published Wednesday in the Journal of International Business, that is the case even when the cost of the trip is less than the price of a house in San Diego, California.

The report said that between 2009 and 2011, travelers on a $5-million trip to Mexico reported spending $4,000 more on food, entertainment, and other expenses than the same trip to the United States.

However, the authors said that the difference was largely due to the fact that they paid more for gas and other fuel costs.

“These are highly desirable destinations for those looking to experience the Mexican Riviera and its surrounding areas,” wrote study author Dr. Michael Wachter.

“But, in fact, many of the costs incurred on these trips are significantly higher than what one might pay for a typical vacation package at a comparable location in the United Kingdom or the United states.”

This is because of Mexico’s strict regulations on the amount of food and alcohol that can be consumed in a private party, Wachtner added.

According, “in general, only people who have obtained visas to enter the country are allowed to consume alcohol, and alcohol consumption is prohibited in private parties.”

As a result, a lot of people end up spending a lot more money on a trip to a place that is so far away from the rest of the U.S. that the majority of people don’t even know it exists.

It’s also important to note that Mexico is not a vacation destination.

It is a destination for tourists.

“In addition to the costs of living and travel, it is not uncommon to travel for a month or two without returning to the country,” Wachner said.

“This means that most people don and will spend more on lodging than they would if they were staying in the U of A or another state.”

Wachters findings come on the heels of an article published Wednesday by Travel + Leisure which showed that Americans are spending an average of $4.7 million on travel to Mexico each year.

That includes the cost for accommodations, meals, and entertainment.