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I’m not a big fan of the idea of going on a vacation in New Zealand, but I’m all for a relaxing, beautiful vacation.

The country has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so it’s not exactly a vacation spot for everyone.

But if you’re feeling adventurous, there are plenty of other options to consider.

The most popular options are in the North Island, where I’ve spent a few months.

Here are a few of my favorite options, which I think are all worth checking out.1.

The New Zealand Experience (New Zealand Experience)At least on the North-West coast of New Zealand I love to spend time in the small town of Taranaki, and this is definitely one of the best options I’ve come across.

I’m a bit biased though, because I grew up in the city of Otaki, which is in the opposite corner of the country.

It’s a small town, so I like to spend a bit of time there, but if you can’t get out of the city and spend some time exploring, there’s a nice little cottage nearby.2.

Bridgetown (Bridgestone Bridgestone)I love this one!

It’s not the biggest city in New Zeland, but it’s a very nice, small, secluded beach in the middle of the Pacific.

It has a great view of the South Island, the Blue Mountains, and a few other coastal areas.

I think it’s worth a visit, especially if you don’t live near the North Shore.3.

Vancouver Island (Vancouver International Airport)There are many options to visit Vancouver Island.

Some are pretty remote, and others are within easy walking distance of the nearest train station.

Either way, you can take a flight out of Vancouver, or you can spend some of your vacation in the Pacific Northwest.4.

Vilhasset Island (Maine National Seashore)Vilasset is an incredible place to explore.

It was once the home of a large mining community, and the surrounding mountains are beautiful.

There’s a lot to see and do on this island, but for a few weeks, you’re in the company of nature.5.

Maine State Parks (Museums)There’s a great chance you’ll spend a lot of time on these islands.

The park system is very extensive, and there are so many great things to do.

If you want to see some of New England’s natural wonders, check out the state parks in the Northeast.


Lake Champlain (Lake Champlains National Recreation Area)Lake Champernown, located in Maine, is one of my favorites because it’s the perfect place to visit.

It is an amazing place to hike, kayak, and explore.

If it’s sunny out, you could even spend some quality time at the lake.7.

Lake Victoria (Lake Victoria National Recreation area)This lake is home to the largest lake in the continental United States.

You can go kayaking, fishing, bird watching, birdwatching with the lake, and much more.8.

Kitsap Peninsula (Kitsac Peninsula National Park)This area of Puget Sound is one big, beautiful place.

It looks beautiful from the beach, and it’s home to a number of great birdwatching spots.9.

Mount Pleasant Beach (Mount Pleasant Peninsula)If you have a large family, this is a great place to go for a family vacation.

You’ll be surrounded by nature, and you can go fishing, kayaking or hiking with the locals.10.

Mount St. Helens (Mount St Helens National Park and Preserve)If your family has friends that like to visit the park, then this is the place to come for a picnic.

The beach is spectacular, and if you’ve been to the area, you’ll see why it’s so popular.11.

Mount McKinley (Mount McKinleys Natural Area)The area of the Great Divide where you can visit is one great place for a weekend hike or weekend picnic.

It offers great views of the surrounding area, and all of the trees are really beautiful.12.

Kalispell, Alaska (Kalispen National Park, Alaska)If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time in Alaska, it’s that Alaska is a beautiful place to be.

This is one reason why I’m so excited to go back.



McKinley National Recreation Site (Kirk Creek)I was blown away by the incredible views of Mount McKinley and the nearby Mt.


It made me think of hiking through Alaska and seeing the beauty of nature and the beauty in nature itself.14.

Mountain Falls (Paddington Falls)I spent a lot in the winter, but my summer here was so busy that I forgot about my favorite place in New England.

Paddington is located in the center of the town