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The Duchess of Cambridge was spending a vacation in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, on Thursday, where she was seen with a group of Japanese tourists.

Her trip was part of the Duchess’s Asia tour.

The Duchess, who has been spending time in Japan as part of her royal duties, was joined by the Japanese ambassador, Yuko Kawaguchi.

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The Duchess visited the Japan Embassy, which houses embassies of the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries.

She also stopped by the Japan Air and Space Museum, where the US president, Donald Trump, was in attendance.

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Hide The Duchess was also seen with her Japanese counterpart, Yukiko Kawaguchida, at a press conference in Tokyo in which she announced that the Duke and Princess of Wales will join a tour of Japan, which she said is a “special occasion”.

The Duchess will also visit the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force headquarters, where members of the Japanese military are stationed.

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Hide The Japanese Embassy in Washington DC is one of the diplomatic missions of the US, as are the Japanese Consulate General in Washington, DC.

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Hide Two of the royal couple’s daughters are seen on the dock of the Japan Navy Ship Yamanote in Tokyo Bay on August 20, 2019.

Hide   Hide   The Duchess and her husband, Prince William of Kent, are seen walking along the Yamanaka River on August 18, 2019, in the northern Japanese city of Kumamoto.

Hide A view of the dock in Kumamoto, Japan, where they arrived on August 17, 2019 and spent time on their way to Tokyo.

The Japanese government is the primary source of funding for the visit.

Hide     In Tokyo, the Duke met Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and other senior officials, including Abe’s wife, Akie Abe, who will be at the visit as a visiting foreign minister.

Hide Duke of Kent visits the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building on July 15, 2019 to attend a press briefing and meet with the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe.

Hide The Duke and the Duchess will join other world leaders in Tokyo as part the visit, which will mark the beginning of the first full week of Japan’s spring break in April. Hide